Samsung Success Story : Leading Creative Thinking And Its Global Impact

Consisting of numerous associated companies, most of which are divided into the highly famous Samsung corporation it is regarded as the largest chaebol in South Korea.

Which refers to a very big conglomerate of other businesses. Having been valued the eighth highest in the world as of 2020.

Samsung began in 1938. Its commerce operations were a small trading company and the founder was Lee Byung-chul who guided the advancement of the company.

The startup had around forty employees to begin with, and it mainly traded in goods aiding the community in the wider surrounding area.

A major turning point in Samsung’s history occurred in 1947 when Lee Byung-chul opened an office in Seoul and launched a profitable endeavor into the sugar refining industry.

The first strategic milestone was achieved via the release of a Samsung black and white TV, that was well-received in the market.