Revibe: Transforming the Refurbished Electronics Market in Dubai

The step by Revibe is taken at a time when the world is looking specifically at the electronics industry with growing concern regarding sustainability practices and electronic waste management.

Background Information and Vision

Revibe is a business-to-consumer marketplace directly connecting buyers with professional refurbishers.

Business Model and Operational Framework

Considering that there is no electronic waste that lies in landfills and there is no production of new products required, then Revibe has saved much for the conservation of the environment.

Market Impact and Sustainability Goals

Since its inception, fast growth has boosted Revibe to sell over 30,000 renewed devices, building market presence across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Growth Trajectory and Further Plans

Despite this success, a number of major challenges had to be contended with by the company, such as the proactive and consistent sourcing of high quality used electronics.

Challenges and Market Perception