OpenAI Unveils Major Upgrades to its Conversational AI Models

In a significant development for the field of artificial intelligence, OpenAI has announced a host of new capabilities and applications for its conversational AI models.

The research organization revealed upgrades to its popular GPT-3 and ChatGPT systems, expanding their abilities in both text and voice modes.

OpenAI shared that it has developed a new version called GPT-4o which surpasses previous models in natural language understanding, generation and reasoning.

While details are scarce, the company claims GPT-4o can carry out more complex multi-turn conversations with deeper context and fewer inconsistencies.

Perhaps most notably, OpenAI unveiled a MacOS desktop application for ChatGPT. This allows users to engage with the AI system through voice instead of just text.

The company said the voice model was trained using a technique called constitutional AI to be helpful, harmless and honest.