Motisons Jewellers Shines Brightly After Grand Stock Market Debut

The fancy first day of trading for Motisons Jewellers showed there is lots of interest in India’s quality jewelry business

That was even better than expected and shows people are excited about an industry predicted to grow 10% each year to Rs. 100,000 crore by 2025.

Over the past 3 years, earnings increased very fast at 19.1% average to rank among the speediest in special shops.

Partnering with famous designers also upped average bills to Rs. 16,000 from Rs. 12,000 in just two years

With Rs. 128 crore fresh funds, Motisons can quickly spread national reach beyond four stores in Jaipur city.

Another Rs. 58 crore pays back some debt of Rs. 166 crore in June, lowering interest costs.