Mohandas Pai Calls for Repeal of Angel Tax and Establishment of ₹50,000 Crore Startup Fund to Boost India’s Startup Ecosystem

Mohandas Pai, a well-known personality in India’s IT and financial worlds, has joined the list of stakeholders that have publicly called for the Modi 3.

It explained that the current government needs to make certain bold moves to reignite the startup scene across the country.

The Angel Tax is one topic Pai expressed deep concern in his more recent call for action.

The Angel Tax was imposed in the year 2012 with an aim to address the magnitude of money laundering which was being camouflaged under high startup valuations.

But has remained a significant irritant for Indian startups, and a source of ambiguity, that is, it has cut investment; flows.

It is charged based on the amount of capital raised by the unlisted companies that use the sale oft shares at more than the fair value of the shares.