Lobb Secures $2.9M to revolutionize the digital freight brokerage industry

Lobb is graduating into one of the logistics tech spaces based on just pulling a successful raise of $2.9 million in the recent funding round.

This is due to the very promising nature of their ambitions in revolutionizing the digital freight brokerage space.

The round was led by Rukam Capital and Taurus Ventures, drawing stronger validity to Lobb’s vision for digitally transforming freight operations and gaining industry-wide acceptance.

The company, founded by a group of industry veterans, was established to solve the inherent inefficiency and complexity that encumbers traditional freight brokerage.

The company’s innovation is based on a platform that leverages advanced technology to enable streamlined interactions between shippers and carriers.

Automation of processes and data administration in real-time by Lobb has made operations cheaper, transparent, hence, in all other terms, too, effective.