Scaling Your Startup: Key Business Growth Milestones

Any startup should check the need for the product and services in the market and look for the opportunity that can give you a perfect space to thrive.

Conceptualizing Your Product

Once the first step of ideation and conceptualization is done the very next step of development and making of your product is to know the specifications and features.

Product Development

Launching your product in the market and developing MVP means half of the work is done but still the crucial part of the milestone is here.

Marketing and Promotions

It becomes necessary to operate your company where you can have your employees and space to work and here the next milestone comes and it is known as “Operational Milestone”.

Growing Your Team and Office

All startups once or ever deal with this milestone which is very common in every stage from starting to the scaling.

Financial Milestone

This point in any startup is the last success cheers after which either the startup will be sold or given its public offering using IPO.

Exit Strategy