One Woman Built a Million Dollar Jewelry Business in Dubai

After 15 years working as a travel executive, Basma Chaieri felt it was time for a new challenge. At 40 years old, she wanted to take a risk and follow her passion by starting her own business.

Two years later, her business has not only broken even but surpassed the Dh1 million revenue mark.

Chaieri’s success story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance and pivoting when challenges arise. Let’s take a deeper look at her entrepreneurial journey.

Chaieri had built a successful career in the travel industry, most recently working with to help establish their presence in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey regions.

She began taking gemology courses in her free time to gain knowledge on diamonds, sourcing and jewelry making.

This newfound passion and expertise led Chaieri to the idea of starting her own online diamond jewelry business.