Ixigo Shares Soar On Strong FY24 Earnings

The strong financial performance of the firm underscores strong recovery and growth traction in a challenging market environment.

Ixigo in its FY 2024 posted a PAT of INR 73 crores, increased by leaps and bounds from the PAT of the past periods.

Behind the sharp rise in profits stands increased operational efficiency and widening its services’ offerings with a strategic focus.

The company’s revenues in FY24 were at INR 656 crores, with substantial growth on a YoY basis.

The already outstanding financial performance of Ixigo is further cemented by the nine-month earning reports for the fiscal year 2024.

Some of these have included strategic investments in technology, data science, and artificial intelligence, all in the goal of upping the prowess of this platform for personalized and efficient user servicing.