Instagram’s New Feature to Make Reels More Fun!

Recent reports have revealed that this feature is called “Blend” and it has the potential to completely change how people use Instagram reels.

Blend will create a special reels feed just for you and a friend. It will combine the types of reels you both like to watch into one place.

Instagram will use information about the reels you’ve shared with each other and your interests to pick reels for the Blend feed.

This means the reels shown will be tailored perfectly for both of your tastes. You’ll get to see funny animal videos your friend shares without having to search for them.

And your friend can easily find the latest dance trends you’re interested in. Blend makes it fun to discover new content you’re both into without much effort.

The best part is you can make Blend feeds with multiple friends. Imagine having a special feed just for the reels you and your BFFs enjoy.