India’s Markets React to Modi’s Potential Slim Majority

As the early vote counting trends started trickling in, it became clear that the NDA might not be cruising to an overwhelming majority as initially predicted.

The Nifty index, which had been soaring to dizzying heights, suddenly found itself plummeting like a lead balloon, dropping a whopping 3.76% to 22,389.85 points.

Not to be outdone, the BSE index followed suit, tumbling 3.67% to a low of 73,659.29 points.

Just when you thought they were down for the count, they bounced back like a feisty boxer, recovering slightly to trade down around 2% each.

The markets had been riding high on the expectation that Modi’s NDA would secure a resounding majority, paving the way for continued economic growth and stability.

But as the early trends suggested a slimmer majority, investors got a case of the jitters, and the profit-taking frenzy began.