India’s Aviation Industry to Get a Boost with Introduction of ‘One Sky’ Policy

Modernization of Airspace management in India is one key step that India is equipping with through its ‘One Sky’ programme.

This panoramic reform will be carried out with the purpose of uniting the airspace that is now divided under a single national system of air traffic control.

In India, the aerodrome with an airspace of 2.8 million square nautical miles consists of four very important regional control centers, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

The area of airspace that is attributed to each region is managed individually by authorities under this region’s own boundaries.

The hub and spoke system was changed to the hubless system in order to perform better in the increasing air traffic but has currently become inefficient due to the increasing air traffic.

Airplanes often have to change radio frequencies while crossing boundaries, increasing workload for pilots.