Hyvision to Set up Plant Worth INR 40 Crore Near Foxconn Facility in Bengaluru

In a move of immense significance and with the rising importance of Bengaluru in the global tech manufacturing landscape, Hyvision, a key supplier for giants Apple and Tesla

This strategic investment shall go toward strengthening the local manufacturing ecosystem along this direction.

Hyvision decided to locate its plant near the facility of Foxconn in Bengaluru. This is a well-calculated move to substantially profit from the already existing infrastructure and expertise in the region.

Foxconn, Apple’s major supplier, has already acquired a 300-acre plot in Devanahalli located on the outskirts of Bengaluru near the airport.

The INR 40-crore investment by Hyvision is also in tune with the increasing foreign direct investment flow into the technology sector in India.

The establishment of Hyvision’s plant will thus be important for the local economy in a number of ways.