Harsha Bhogle Invests in the Online Cricket Gaming Platform Hitwicket

The company will compensate for global deficiency by taking advantage of Harsha Bhogle’s followers and insubstantial grasp of cricket as part of the deal.

Statistics show, that a person stays on that site a little bit more than five minutes daily, or 4.9 hours weekly.

Harsha Bhogle, the Indian cricket analyst, who heads the Indian Premier League has now made his strategic investment heading the online gaming currency company.

Bhogle’s investment does not only round up the $3million funding that was led by Prime Venture Partners in 2022 but also deepens our range of investors.

The plan includes Bhole’s use of his immense cricketing knowledge and popularity to uplift Hitwicket’s worldwide exposure( ads).

That’s where the deal comes to play. It is expected to take the company to 50 million downloads in the next two years.