UK Extends AI, Green Energy Schemes with Big Funding at G7 Summit

The government in the UK has just announced a huge expansion of its efforts in artificial intelligence and green energy at the recent G7 Summit.

This is to be backed by an enormous amount of funding to make this country the leader in addressing climate change through technological innovation and sustainable practices.

The UK is committing almost £4 million towards AI-powered green innovations, with £1m going towards twelve separate AI projects aimed at decarbonizing a broad range of sectors.

A further £2.25 million is also being allocated for more AI innovations to reduce emissions in the energy supply as part of the government’s wider £1bn Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.

The UK government has also pledged £960 million over the next five years to boost the development of low-carbon industries.

This will be achieved by investing in an upgraded electricity grid, taken together with these new energy projects and enable some emission reduction.