Google CEO Sundar Pichai Crackdowns on Employee Protests, Terminates 50 Workers

In the last couple of months, Google has been witnessing a revolt within its workforce by employees who organize rallies and demonstrations against some of the projects and policies of the company.

As a result, CEO Sundar Pichai has decided to go tough on the protesters by letting go of 50 people who were a part of the protest at Google offices.

It all started last week when police arrested 28 GAFA workers who had participated in sit – in demonstrations at the company’s New York and California offices.

The employees were disputing Google’s $1.2 billion cloud computing arrangement with the Israeli government that is called Project Nimbus.

This deal was in favour of technologies used by Israel to infringe on the human rights of Palestinians.

In the following days, more employees voiced solidarity with the fired workers and demanded their reinstatement.