Top 10 Glamorous Hair And Beauty Salons In Dubai

91 Beauty Salon:-  Nestled in the cosy neighbourhood of The Wings at Arjan, 91 Beauty Salon, a special place where relaxation and feeling refreshed are top priorities.

Beige Beauty:-  Located in the business-district location of Business Bay, Beige represents a state-of-the-art visual makeup sector.

Gold Comb:- Stands as one of Dubai’s premier hair salons. Renowned for its excellence in hair treatment and styling services, Gold Comb garners frequent patronage from a discerning clientele.

Pastel Beauty:-  In Dubai, there’s this awesome place called Pastel Beauty Salon. It’s been around since 2004 and has earned lots of awards in the beauty world.

N&J By Samer Salon:- N&J By Samer is a really great hair salon in Dubai. With 13 years of experience, their  team is dedicated to helping the people to look their best.

Salon Ink:- Founded in 2007 by hair pros Kelly Cyndrowski and Sharon Anderson, Salon Ink is a key spot in Dubai. Their salon offers top-level hair care services.