Dubai’s Luxury Property Market Continues Red Hot Streak with $1.7 Billion in High-End Home Sales Already this Year!

It seems as if the property bubble in Dubai, accidentally keeps rupturing into a bigger one and now new statistics prove it.

For this quarter, we registered a solid 6% growth, which is higher compared to the performance for the entire last year.

While 105 high end properties are already sold giving Dubai the crown of the world’s hottest luxury housing market, other hot destinations in the world will still give a stiff competition to this goal.

Under the leadership of the most expensive and well-known product class, Palm Jumeirah once again dominating and accounts for 36% shared rate of total sales value so far in 2022.

The world has been made aware of how iconic the man-made island could be, and it rightfully and confessably ranks among the most distinguished addresses on the planet.

However, this question could be tackled from another angle, stating that Dubai Hills Estate also experienced a rapid rise.