Dubai Tops Global Rankings for FDI Inflows in Cultural and Creative Industries

It was identified that Dubai takes the lead globally in attracting FDI for the cultural and creative industries’ sectors during 2022.

As we have seen, it was FY 2013-14 where it reached an overall business growth of 7% over the previous year.

he total FDI capital in Dubai in the cultural and creative industries reached AED 7 billion according to E×pВ, C3.

It has doubled from $170 billion in 2021 to reach $357 billion in 2022 ranking the retail industry first in the MENA region and 12th worldwide.

Leadership in Dubai has played a big role in the encouragement and sustenance of creativity and development of the creative culture.

Dubai’s strategic engagement with key markets such as the United States, India, the United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland has also played a crucial role.