Dubai Paving the Path Towards Sustainable Urban Mobility

Taking the lead in the changing mobility scenario of Dubai is a young start-up which designs its business idea for the overseas market.

Eco Way was created at the end of 2023 by Ukrainian Ivan Kroshnyi, the entrepreneur behind the concept, with an intention to promote zero-carbon deliveries across the UAE as the only normal way of delivering.

It has manufactured and commissioned electric bicycles designed to perform other functionalities including indoor deliveries.

The ideological movement that became the beginning of sustainable entrepreneurship was inspired with a desire of creating something powerful that would bring positive to the society.

With the UAE committed to achieving net-zero by 2050, initiatives like Eco Way are crucial for decarbonizing the transport sector responsible for over a quarter of the nation’s emissions.

The start-up’s arrival couldn’t have been more timely as Dubai recently announced supportive policies nudging delivery companies towards greener fleets.