Deepika Padukone’s 82°E Set to Raise Rs 50 Crore in Seed Extension Round

Deepika Padukone-founded D2C personal care start-up 82°E is looking to raise ₹50 crore ($6 million) in an extension of its seed round as its first investment round for the year

The capital infusion will be completed through the participation of former and new investors.

The capital raise infusion is planned to be utilized for purposes of company expansion, growth and other corporate functions.

An earlier 82°E up to December 2022, has negotiated for $7. Three million dollars in its first seed funding round from DSG Partner and IDEO Ventures and another two million from the same.

The Padukone family owning 59 percent of the company share and hence the name Modi Nadar Films as proposed by the Modi Nadar group.

While Bhushan Kumar of T-Series owns 6% stake in the company, actor Ranveer Singh is the second largest with 5%. 32% in the company.