Crypto Startup Funding Surpasses $100 Billion Mark in a Decade

Crypto has reached some key milestones, with funding for crypto startups surging past the $100 billion mark over the last decade.

The path to the $100 billion invested in funding is believable, showing dramatic expansion and maturation of the crypto industry.

Back in the early 2010s, the sector was majorly dominated by Bitcoin, which introduced this ground-breaking decentralized digital currency idea.

Interest from institutional investors grew along with the growth of the technology itself and its applications.

Some of the most famous offers included Zama, who raised $73 million—fully homomorphic encryption, and EigenLayer, which made $100 million in its series B funding.

This rise has, in particular, been driven by institutional investors. More precisely, investments have been boosted by the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, and their interest is high.