Distressed Corporate and Retail Loans Worth Rs 4200 Crore Are Being Sought by Yes Bank

Yes Bank has listed another portfolio worth little more than Rs 4200 crore for sale, nearly a year after selling a troubled loan book around Rs 48000 crore.

The retail loan portfolio is worth Rs 1142 crore, while the corporate loan portfolio consists of eight accounts with Rs 3091 crore.

The bank is solely looking for cash proposals; in contrast to the sale of impaired loans to JC Flowers ARC, which involved both cash and security receipts.

Two UK-based businesses are included in the corporate portfolio: Malvern Travels, UK, with a debt of Rs 537 crore

Katerra India Pvt Ltd is the other company on the list, and it owes Rs 521 crore.

Yes Bank is the only lender, and it was just admitted for corporate insolvency.