Dubai Real Estate: Capital Values For Ready Homes Continue to Rise, Sales Slow Down

The real estate market of Dubai has undergone a dynamic change in the month of June 2024, with changing trends of capital values and transaction volumes.

Current Real Estate Landscape

Freehold villa communities in Dubai registered some very amazing growth, surmounting the highest peak values seen in 2014.

Capital Value Growth of Freehold Villa

Dubai’s apartment sector also saw a rather resilient performance, depicted by both monthly and yearly capital gains increases.

Apartment Sector Resilience and Growth 

While capital values did very well, the transactional landscape showed a mixed trend in the ready home and off-plan property segments.

Ready Homes vs. Off-Plan Properties

Several factors contributed to the evolving dynamics in Dubai’s property market during June 2024 :- 

Factors Influencing Market Dynamics

Despite these major global economic uncertainties, the confidence of investors was unabated, although this was mainly seen in the significant capital gains across villa and apartment segments.

Investor Confidence