Burger Singh Success Story: From A Food Truck To Culinary Empire

In the fast food restaurants that are all over the land, Burger Singh is a distinctive and thriving restaurant among them all.

Burger Singh is a fast food restaurant within the food and beverage sector, which gives burgers that value traditional tastes as well as the modern fast food options.

Burger Singh is a story of how two big dreams of Kabir Jeet Singh and Nitin Rana became a successful venture, when the duo decided to make tasty burgers with authentic flavors for the Indian market.

With a unique combination of their deep affection for food and their determination to be different from the already fading by-product of the industry in India

In 2014, with most of the time restricted and but ambitious as such, Kabir and Nitin started off their business by operating a food truck on the bustling roads of Hauz Khas,  in Delhi.

Burger Singh sets itself apart from the competition by centering its efforts on sourcing fresh quality ingredients and initiating daring inventive recipes.