Stands in the Front of Evolution, Regulation, and Emerging Paradigms of AI

As’s founder and Chief Wizard Sachin Dev Duggal mentioned we are in the AOL phase of AI.

The evolution of AI isn’t just about groundbreaking inventions; it’s about democratization, unlocking a once enigmatic technology confined to Silicon Valley and bringing it into our daily lives, just a chat away.

The excitement around AI has reached a fever pitch, setting the stage for a transformative journey.

In one of the interviews in the past Sachin Duggal also said that “AOL made the internet easily understandable for folks.

BlackBerry made messaging understandable and st one point it was the most popular device, and people were queuing up to get the phone. It was the Apple of its era.”

The foremost idea we must embrace is that AI’s evolution shouldn’t be a harbinger of fear in the workplace; instead, it’s a catalyst for empowerment.