Top 10 Best Airports in India

Mumbai Airport has an impressive architecture inspired by the national bird peacock. Mumbai Airport has cutting-edge terminals prepared with advanced technology.

BLR airport spans over 4000 acres and uses an architecturally striking terminal design inspired by 10th-century temples. Bengaluru Airport prides itself on sustainability with 100% LED lighting.

Hyderabad airport features nature-inspired architecture using vast glass panels for sunlight. Interiors reflect the environment with artsy hanging gardens and cascading fountains.

Serving over 60 million passengers annually, Delhi Airport features architectural elegance through an all-glass wave-like structure of the T3 terminal.

Netaji Airport impresses with seamless transfers, tech-enabled entry systems, and rich artworks inspired by the culture of Bengal as passengers pass through the integrated terminal.

Cochin International Airport is the first airport in the world to be completely powered by solar energy. With over 46,000 solar panels laid across 45 acres, this airport produces enough electricity to be self-sustainable.