Bambrews Bags, an Eco-Friendly Packaging Startup, Raises INR 60 Crore From Blume Ventures and Other Investors

Blue Ashva Capital, Mumbai Angel and Indus Capital were some of the entities which took part in the venture funding round through a mix of equity and debt.

Bambrew will put the funds into an extension for FMCG and food and beverage packaging, as well as into the production capabilities and research and development section and personnel.

Bambrew, an environmental firm, has secured INR 60 Cr (over $7 Mn) from investors in a Series A financing round, led by Blume Ventures, comprising both equity and debt.

Aurovayna Capital, Mumbai Angels, Indus Capital, and angel investors Mandeep Manocha of Cashify, Sreevathsa Prabhakar of Servify, and RK Narayan of Horizon Industrial Parks also invested in the round.

Bambrew, established in 2019 by Vaibhav Anant, offers different packaging options to save the heaps of single-use plastics.

He made a note on the funding: “We are a multi-situational outfit with offerings across categories in primary and secondary packaging.

This investment is driven by the company’s strategic focus on shipping far beyond order fulfillment and product supply to e-commerce and FMCG.