Azhar Iqubal’s Success Story :A Tech-Entrepreneurs Revolutionizes News Consumption With Inshorts

Azhar Iqubal who started his business on Facebook and now is one of the biggest corporations in the world.

Azhar Iqubal belonged to Kishanganj, Bihar, India, was from a lower-middle class  family background.

As a Computer Science specific student and through a scholarship provided him with the foundation for the business and technology pursuits that would come later.

The Inshorts project can be said to have been born through the successful bootstrap program that Azhar Iqubal and his partners had completed at TLabs and then turned it into a full-fledged business enterprise.

Drawing out their vision, they came into being and founded Inshorts, making use of the foundations that were already laid, which was called “News in Shorts”.

The story that Azhar Iqubal went through from a lower-middle class family background in Kishanganj, Bihar to being a key player in the tech industry is incredibly amazing as well.