Ashneer Grover writes to BharatPe, demanding that CEO Suhail Sameer and Rajnish Kumar be fired

In a new missive submitted to the BharatPe board, Ashneer Grover, co-founder and former managing director of the financial firm, has requested that the business CEO Suhail Sameer be served with a show-cause notice. This came just a day after Sameer responded to a post on the professional networking site Linkedin in which he claimed Grover “stole money” from BharatPe.

Grover said in his letter, which was sent at midnight on Friday, that Sameer was under the influence of ‘alcohol’ and ‘drugs’ when he submitted the response, and that he should be placed on ‘leave of absence’ immediately.

“As a board chaired by Rajnish Kumar claims to be the essence of corporate governance, I’d like to know what action the board plans to take against Suhail Sameer.”

Grover had previously assailed Kumar in a letter to the board in February, claiming that the entire governance assessment was a “facade” laced with “premeditation, bias, and prejudice.”