Anupam Mittal does not appear pleased with YouTuber Mythpat’s impersonation of him

Mythpat pretends to talk on his phone, saying he wants to buy a faucet and a shower and invest in a bathroom because no one lets him do a “bath” (a pun on the Hindi word for talking, ‘baat’).

Anupam Mittal’s reaction, who appears from behind and inquires as to what is going on, demonstrates the accuracy of Mythpat’s impersonation.

The video made people laugh in the comments section. “Mythpat to Namita – mam, please do a podcast with me,” one wrote. “I’m out, Namita, but I wish you the best.” “Now, just like Rohan Joshi and Tanmay Bhat….,” wrote another. We’d eventually have All Sharks on the Mythpat podcast as well.”

He admitted that he was unaware of Shark Tank’s process or the types of deals that were presented to him. “I didn’t go into the show thinking I’d invest Rs 10 crore or Rs 20 crore in this or that idea.”


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