Discover The Wonder: 8 Amazing Harry Potter Filming Spots To Visit In Britain

An amazing tourist place in the Harry Potter series of the King’s Cross Station is introduced. This is the place that Harry’s and his friends’ journey begins from here to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Magic.

Goathland railway station, which you might have recognized from Harry Potter ,was a tiny charming platform, where trains rarely run between coasting villages.

Bodleian Library is a library at the University of Oxford that is the oldest university in Britain.

The historic Lacock Abbey is a medieval building in the village of Lacock, which is situated in Wiltshire, England.

Unlike your usual commuting experience of vehicles flying in all directions, Piccadilly Circus is more like a landmark roundabout and forum in London’s upscale West End district.

Durham Cathedral, constructed in the XII century, its facade looks like a Roman ruin, is a very outstanding structure for the student.